Milk Quality & Traceability

Them Dairy focuses on quality and traceability. We only use milk delivered by our own farmers. The milk is collected daily by our own milk tanker. The organic milk is collected separate and weighed into separate silo tanks. All the way through the processes from collection at the farms to the final product the organic and conventional milk is kept separate.

The dairy is certified according to The International Food Standard IFS. In addition we have HACCP system and an environmental system similar to ISO 14001.

We have a number of quality parameters on which we daily judge the milk we receive from our farmers. Our Milk Quality Program includes test for:

  • Thermo resistant bacteria
  • Bacteria plate count
  • Anearobe spores
  • Somatic cell count
  • Drug residues

Out on the farm our trained employees test the milk for - among other things - the presence of inhibitory substances in the milk, taste, smell, temperature and antibiotics. The samples are in addition analyzed by an independent laboratory,  just as we continuously test the quality ourselves throughout the processes.

We make registrations and keep records of all milk collected at the farms and the quality parameters throughout the processes from collection at the farm, processing at the dairy to delivery at the customers to ensure traceability.