Gudenå Glød

Mild, slightly sweet cheese made from milk from the highlands in Jutland. Notes of caramel, butter and flowers. Semi-hard consistency. Perfect on toasted rye bread.

Red Dane Prestige

Aromatic and slightly sweet with a touch of caramel, butter, almond, flowers, fruit and nuts. Firm texture. Ideal with pickled plums or baked tomatoes.

Red Dane Gold

Bold and moderately sweet with hints of caramel, flowers, hazelnut and fruit.  Delicate and crumbly texture with fine crystals. Try serving with baked apples or pickled apricots.

Ørnsø Rødkit

Aromatic with a slight taste of butter, hints of white mould’s natural sweetness, and notes of hazelnut and mushroom. This very special type of cheese is soft beneath a slightly bitter red smeared crust. Also available with fennel and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Danish Alps

A mild, Emmentaler-style cheese crafted in Jutland. Notes of fresh fruit and butternut. Inspired by traditional Alpine cheeses.  Firm texture with characteristic holes. Goes well with fresh fruit or charcuterie.

Highland Hops

Mild, firm cheese with a hint of nut, made from organic milk and inspired by traditional Alpine recipes.

Yellow Crystal

A complex, slightly sweet flavour with aromatic hints of pineapple and lightly burnt caramel. Medium to hard, pliable texture and easy to cut. Goes well with fruity wine.

Red Crystal

Rich and well-defined taste of umami, fresh bread, hints of roasted nuts and pineapple. Firm and crisp texture with clear traces of fine crystals.


Strong with a slightly acidic, buttery taste with notes of cognac and the aroma of maturation below the tower at Them Andelsmejeri. Creamy and slightly soft consistency. Good with smoked charcuterie and dark beer.


Bold flavour with rich umami and distinct notes of fruit, nut and caramel. Firm and crispy – this cheese is ideal for grating over your favourite dish.


Strong taste with pronounced umami and a pleasant sweetness. Porous with crunchy crystals, while soft at the same time. Pieces can be broken off with a parmesan knife and served with, for example, baked pears, pickled rhubarb or simply on toasted, coarse rye bread.

Tollund Kræm

Mild with a hint of acidity in harmony with the well-known, natural sharpness of the edible red-smear crust. Hints of chervil, sage and a scent of hay. Creamy consistency.